Our Wooden Door and Steel Door Factories are one of the best factories in Turkiye with most technologically comprehensive production facility, high production capacity and quality.

We are working as one of the leading Company for producing Kitchen Cabinet, especially serving for international market and designed to achieve a modern and contemporary kitchen projects.

1.INTERIOR DOORS We have 5 type doors as interior doors. *High quality UV (ultra vıole) Lacquer doors *Wood-plastic ( wp) composite doors *Wood-veneered doors *Polymeric veneer (pcv coated) wooden doors *Molded Panel doors


We have High Quality Decorative Steel Armored Doors, Steel Doors and Wrought Iron Doors.


Kitchens are the center of houses; the hardware and materials used reflect the life quality of occupants. Our product range provides solutions that are affordable and suitable for anyone and any place. Being an expert in kitchen manufacture, we provide “the dream kitchen” with high-quality products that fulfills the customer needs. Some of the models are shown in the followigs.